Your partner in mission

Research shows that great outsourcing requires the right partner. There's more at stake than just low costs. You need someone who will partner with you - heart and soul - to achieve your mission

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Missionwell will gather, process, and organize your financial information as well as provide a meaningful interpretation of your financial data as a business tool for your organization. At the most basic level, Missionwell can:

• Receive and scan your business correspondence
• Invoice clients or grantors for services
• Pay your bills and settle expense reports
• Prepare timely and meaningful grant and financial reports.
• Administer bank accounts and credit cards.
• Compile information for audits and Form 990
• Reconciliation of account activities

Financial Consulting

As CFO's, Controller's, and Financial Analyst's we do more than just manage your finances, we are trusted advisors, connectors, active partners and invaluable strategic finance support resources when you needed it the most. At the most basic level, Missionwell can:

Proffesional Accountant /Financial Analyst
• Budget preparation
• Special analysis to support your leadership's decision making
• Treasury/Cash Managment
• Assist with annual and quarterly forecasting
CFO or Controller
• Prepare board packages and/or attend board meetings
• Evaluate financial situations and suggest alternatives to strengthen your position
• Furnish in-depth economic analysis and support strategies for projects, expansions and business changes

Human Resources

A comprehensive range of human resources management and organizational development services are available as a project-based, on-site consulting or full-service support. At the most basic level, Missionwell can:

Payroll Administration

• Enployee time tracking
• Benefit's administration
• Worker's compensation audit
• Clergy housing allowance, deputized fundraising, and recruitment support.
Monthly HR Support

• Talent management
• Performance management
HR Consulting

• Policy, compliance and audit
• Workpkace culture
• Salary Administration
• Assessments and recommendations

Corporate Services

Corporate policies are your foundation for complying with internal governance and external governments; policies define organizational goals and the scope of organizational action. At the most basic level, Missionwell can:


Missionwell will draft your basic organizational policies such as: human resources, expense reimbursement, conflict of interest, whistleblower, document retention, executive compensation, and specialty needs.
501c Start-Up

We coordinate your corpporate start-up, including application for IRS status determination.
Monthly Compliance Support
Our monthly compliance package makes regulatory reporting easy by calendaring and completing your basic corporate filings.

Customized and other board support services are available upon request.

Gift Handling

Our solutions focus on processing your donations in an efficient and timely manner with the flexibility of integrating most donor management and financial systems data efficiently and accurately. At the most basic level, Missionwell can:

• Receive, scan, post and summarize donations and/or gifts.
• Prepare and deliver donor acknowledgements including receipts and/or statements.
• Special event support
• Data conversion and setup utilizing your donor management system or Missionwell's financial system.
• Customized procedures and processes that best fit your donor management needs.