Position Description
Head of Operations
Location: Pasadena, California
Reports to: Managing Member
The purpose of Missionwell LLC is to provide low cost and high quality accounting, finance &
administrative support services to non-profits. We focus on two segments:
1) Public Charities, and
2) Religious Organizations/Churches.
We bring protection to our business partners through 1) outstanding breadth and depth of financial, HR
and non profit expertise, and 2) performing the role of a well-rounded finance and/or HR department
with excellence. This allows our business partners to focus on their mission. Missionwell presently has
20+ business partners. In the next five years, our goal is to build a preeminent presence in Southern
California and beyond.
The key role of the Head of Operations is ensuring satisfaction of our business partners and engagement
of our staff, while simultaneously earning a profit on financial and accounting operations. The
successful candidate will be entrepreneurial, have a strong nonprofit and accounting background (CPA
preferred) and demonstrate significant leadership and influence skills. Familiarity with project
management and process management is essential.
The Head of Operations is a top leaders at Missionwell, and will participate in key decision making and
strategic and operational planning for Missionwell as part of the Leadership Team. Most Missionwell
employees will report to the Head of Operations.
Competencies for the position include:
Leadership. Influences, motivates, and inspires others through direct and indirect means to accomplish
organizational objectives.
Ability to scale up operations. Experience in scaling up operations, including work standardization,
vetting procedures and implementing automation.
Business Partner management. Keenly understands the mission of the business partner and also
possess the judgment and maturity to know when to bend on issues and when to hold firm, always
keeping in mind the twin goals of mutual trust and the highest professional service.
People management. The Head of Operations will have the executive responsibility for managing the
operational staff of Missionwell (two teams of 4-6 employees per team presently including the team
leader or coordinator). Engaging staff and growing professionals is critical for long term performance
and satisfaction.
Nonprofit expertise. Understand IRS, state, grantor, and other stakeholder requirements or best
practices for nonprofits and bring this expertise to staff and business partners.
Payroll and HR expertise. Certain labor laws and regulations vary for religious organizations, particularly
churches. Knowledge of basic labor laws and employment practices is an important part of the
oversight of operations.
Accounting and financial statement preparation. The Head of Operations provides quality assurance
that accounting and reporting are efficient and effective in meeting business partner needs and external
standards such as GAAP.
Project management. Application of strong project management practices is required for success.
Managing via policies, controls, training and delegations. Implements and uses managerial tools to
manage across multiple employees.
Deliver on time, high quality accounting, finance, gift handling, and other administrative services
to our business partners.
Ensure our business partners are highly satisfied, while operations are profitable.
Oversee and/or directly perform consulting and special projects for business partners (direct
and delegated). A portion of the time, typically up to 25%, of the Head of Operations’ time will
be spent on billable business partner work.
Assure staff are engaged, equipped and represent the Missionwell brand in communication and
work. Develop the leadership and management abilities of direct reports and ensure systems of
development exist for all staff.
Create the conditions and environment to ensure Missionwell is living into strong business
Manage Accounts Receivable & Billing: Ensure time and billing practices achieve accurate and
rapid invoices. Ensure appropriate collection policies are in place.
Develop and maintain strategic vendor relationships which propel Missionwell forward (banking,
IT, payroll, etc.)
Development and maintenance of policies, systems of delegated authorities, and controls for
Missionwell and our business partners.
Develop enterprise risk assessment and mitigation for Missionwell operations.
Compensation will include a cash salary and a bonus opportunity.
Please visit our website www.missionwell.com to learn more about Missionwell and to apply.